Sacred Space Ritual Kit

Sacred Space Ritual Kit


Inspired by the act of smudging, also known as using the smoke of certain herbs to cleanse your surroundings, this kit is intended to encourage you to create your very own high vibe space-clearing ritual. Crafted to provide all the necessary tools for a grounding self-care routine, this set includes a white sage smudge stick, a bundle of Palo Santo, and a lighter. White Sage is perfect for removing negative energy and unwanted influences, ultimately purifying the space, while Palo Santo helps to usher in good vibes and bless the space.

This kit comes packaged in a cute, reusable vinyl bag with an informational ritual card.

Includes ($24 value):

1 x Bundle of 4 Sticks of Palo Santo

1 x White Sage Smudge Stick

1 x Get Lit Lighter

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