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sacred rituals for slow living

Être Bien was created to share & inspire the practice of integrating rituals and mindfulness into daily routines. We believe that transforming self-care into a more sacred and meaningful experience is essential to create balance within a life that you love.

Meet Tori

meet the founder: tori

Tori’s journey into the wellness world began while working for a celebrity facialist with her own studio on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and a natural skincare line. This experience awakened her passion for natural beauty and uncovered the importance of knowing the intentions & properties of ingredients used in beauty and self-care products. In an effort to gain a more complete education on health + wellness, she became a certified Holistic Health Coach. Soon after, Tori set out on a mission to combine her love for mindfulness and energy healing modalities with her fascination with natural beauty to create Être Bien—a modern apothecary specializing in holistic high vibe self-care. Her mission is to empower people to embrace self-care rituals and incorporate them into their daily routines to craft a calmer, more mindful life.


“Ever since I was a little girl,
beauty rituals have fascinated me...”

“Even at a young age, I found myself captivated by the variety of glass bottles and jars that looked so elegant on my mother's vanity. However, what I enjoyed the most was watching my mother’s ritual of getting ready to go out on a Saturday night. I loved seeing how she performed each task, from applying lipstick to misting perfume in just the right way that I could tell felt personal to her. As I've grown, my appreciation of the sacredness of rituals has stayed with me throughout the years. As someone who's struggled with anxiety for the majority of my life, the idea of slowing down and incorporating mindfulness into otherwise mundane tasks like bathing or getting ready has helped me cope and thrive.”

Etre Bien High Vibe Self Care

elevate your rituals

Rather than rushing through your personal care regimen, we invite you to slow down, breathe deeply, and enjoy the moment. Our line of high vibe self-care products fuels this process, allowing you to truly be present and aware of the sensory elements within your bath and body rituals, all while enveloping yourself in crystal-charged vibes.

love + light,

Tori Marinelli